WordPress Site Managing Services

Introducing HD International Website Managing Service. We are launching a new ticketing system that also handles the works for your clients. With a small monthly fee (per managed WordPress website), HD International can serve as your go-to production team for all your client’s needs. Sign up with us today and activate the services below for your client:

  • Unlimited Small Tasks: HDInt will complete an unlimited number of tasks that require under 30 minutes of service for free
  • Discounted Rate for Large Tasks: Larger tasks are billed at special discounted hourly rate for agencies
  • Proactive Core and Plug-in Update
  • Regular Secured Offsite Back-up
  • Quick Response Time: Submitted small tasks are responded to within 4 hours
  • Quick Resolve Time: Submitted small tasks are resolved within 12 hours
  • White label Proprietary Ticketing System
  • Monthly Security Scan
  • Simple Billing Mark-Up: You can change monthly and hourly rate that applies to all your clients
  • Free Marketing Website: We will provide you with a free WordPress site so you can promote these services to your clients

HD International LLC provides website design and development services. Our clients are primarily small to medium marketing/SEO agencies who frequently use outside services to fulfill overflow workloads. With over a decade of experience in website design and development services, HDint will ensure that we will treat your clients as our own.

Contact Bryan Pham at 720.404.7440 for special agency pricing.

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