full stack developer

Bryan Pham is a talented, experienced professional with a well-rounded skill set that makes him effective at handling a variety of projects to serve various digital marketing needs. Up-to-date with the latest industry advances and technologies, Bryan is proficient at applying his skills and knowledge in innovate ways to deliver unique and cutting-edge results for his clients.

Bryan, who is skilled at creating clean and optimized code, are well versed and deeply knowledgeable about various development systems, programming languages and web technologies. Some of this knowledge specifically pertains to (but is not necessarily limited to):

  • WordPress, Drupal, Joomla
  • PHP and Javascript
  • HTML5 and CSS.
  • HubL (a Hubspot Markup programing language)

In addition to his extensive technical knowledge, Bryan has a clear understanding of the development process and know how to apply and conform various development tools and systems to fit a client’s specific digital marketing needs and goals.

From the early development stages to testing and rolling out the final website, application or system, Bryan Pham is skilled at successfully completing various types of projects within the given deadlines and is known for consistently producing top-quality results for his clients.

To discuss your project needs and learn more about what Bryan can do for you, call (720) 404-7440 or email us at bryan@hdint.net.