Keeping up your skills…

I recently started working with a group of super talented designers and marketing strategy  experts at HDInt. They specialize in creating turn key marketing solutions starting with business cards and finishing off the jobs with well rounded marketing campaigns that increase the clients end ROI.  We create unique packages designed specifically for the industry they are working for, industries including but not limited to, advertising agencies, schools, dispensaries, restaurants, and nail salons.  Specializing in multi-piece campaigns that focus on customer retention and customer loyalty.

To me keeping up means to push limits that any situation, and coming up with unique solutions for current problems. Recently I decided to expand my knowledge base. I have a 6 year old niece that is heavy into the rainbow loom. For those of you not familiar with the rainbow loom, it is a children’s toy that allows your child to create bracelets and other creative projects out of rubber bands, using a hook and looming process. This didn’t look difficult and it was something have never done before. So I started looking up loom projects and delved into the child’s world of looming.

While researching different projects one thing kept capturing my interest. The little girls that we’re creating the video content to teach you how to use the loom, was really good. They had hundreds of thousands of likes and visits on social media platforms, like YouTube and Facebook. The editing is simple, the content is making bracelets and the scripts were easy to follow. How could these videos be attracting so much interest? How come a local business has such a hard time gaining any traction against the major corporations out there?  Is there a connection between the content these young adults have and your business?

Content is king, that’s what I’ve been told and that’s what I believe. These children have created video content that allows them to service hundreds of thousands of other children with one simple tutorial. The age of social media has changed the way people are getting information about businesses. Most businesses start with word of mouth, or clients referring new clients to businesses they are comfortable doing business with. The yellowpages was one of the most effective advertising means before Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This was a place where potential clients would gather to find your business. The bigger the ad the more attraction your company had to potential clients. Now with social media taking over the way we connect with clients, the costs of reaching and maintaining clients has increased, but the amount of return in investment through social media has also increased.

By changing your behavior from thinking word of mouth is the best marketing for my business, to, social media is a must for my business to survive, will help you keep up with current client needs, and offer new exciting services for your clients to continue returning to you for business.
Learning about the loom has helped keep me current with trends, social media, and helped develop new ideas on how to affectively communicate clients needs, and help them maintain a professional appearance online, assuring repeat business, and future growth. This day and age of marketing has allowed our clients to keep up with major corporations advertising budgets by allowing them to reach directly out to paying customers and also reach out to new potential clients. With the growing number of businesses it is critical for your business to continue to provide customer service, it is our business to attract new business using the latest marketing strategies and targeting your optimal clients.