I need a subject?

Do you really need a subject, when blogging? Yes, and no. The answer is relative to the perspective of the individual. Some people are highly interested in the content or meat of your blog. Others are just there for a taste of what you are offering. They may have found they agree with your personal beliefs, or disagree with your cultural differences. Either way the most important part of the blog is the blog. Blogging has come a long way since it’s inception. Vlogging became something the tech culture embraced. The rest of the world stuck with text. For the most part text is best when trying to attract new or potential clients. Vlogging, is helpful for passing on information that you have to go over and over again. Both are valuable assets to your any company website.

The relative nature of the web creates a unique platform for communicating with millions. Millions of users scour the internet, looking for all things. Your business may be one of those things. If your business is not participating in social media, blogging and public relations you are doomed to word of mouth business, which is okay, but most business plans include both business growth, and employee growth. Another large issue you may have to overcome is the economy, and local competition vs. large corporations. If you don’t have millions to inundate the market with your brand identity, then social media is a must. You are competing against every business all the time,and you are competing for the American dollar.

Each person on the internet, searches for hours and looks at posts on Facebook more then any traditional marketing media out there. The attention of the user is shorter, and causes them to jump from site to site. Your main goal is to capture the imagination of your target market, and have them coming back for more.

Blogging is the latest method of doing just that. Capturing the imagination of your target market, and giving them a content outlet where they can visit regularly and find out what you are doing. So yes, It’s important to have a subject, that people care about, but sometimes you just need to blog to blog. Either way blogging is about reaching out to all users and letting them decide whether your subject is worth reading and following.