October, 2014

The Cost of Development.

by Robert Muller in demo post

October 17, 2014

I’m an old timer in my industry. You could say I almost started doing graphic design before computers assisted artists with things like form, and composition. I started working on Photoshop 2, years ago, given to me by a friend. It didn’t even have layers! I learned how to create everything by hand in illustrator…
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If you are Not Hiring, it’s because…

by Bryan Pham in demo post

October 9, 2014

Problem: Not Hiring If you are Not Hiring, it’s because, you don’t anticipate your businesses GROWTH in the near future. This is the truth for a lot of businesses out there. A lot of small business are still suffering. Not because of the economy, or lack of interest in their product. It’s because of lack…
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